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The Waelder City Council met for a Special Called Meeting on January 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at Waelder City Hall. Those present Mike Harris, Robert Tovar, Dora Ramirez and Annie Jackson.
(Absent: Becky Ayala) Mayor Roy Tovar did preside.

The meeting was called to order and a quorum was established.

The Council convened to Executive Session at 7:06 p.m. according to Texas Government Code 551.074: Personnel Matters: Review and Discuss employees' CDL

The Council reconvened to open session at 7:06 p.m. by the employees' request. Mayor: Employees would like an open session. Council met the other day about two weeks ago on the account on we're discussing on what situation should be done to these employees' driver licenses. Avery will be taking driving test the Jan. 27th. Mike: "Avery, You said that there has been two automobiles that require CDL and that's the digger truck and big bucket truck." Avery: Yes. Robert: So, they can only drive those two? So, the ones that requiring a CDL, are the ones in the electric department. Well, Adolph has one already and Ernest has CDL, too. Dora: The only thing that I see is, because in the policy manual, personnel manual that we have. It says, in there, from the date of hire, within 6 months you are required in your employment to have a CDL. Annie: I think, it needs to be changed, to whoever, needs to have not to everybody, that's what they need to change I think it should have been change, to whoever needs to have and not to everybody, that's what they need to change to. Mike: It needs to be revised. Alfred Thompson: Can I say something? Roy: Yeah, if it pertains to it. Alfred Thompson: "It's been 7 years, why bring up the CDL. Roy: Someone brought up about the CDL that's in the policy. I don't know if they are pin pointing people or there was a requirement. I think that, I do agree that we need to change our policy, to where those who are require, need to have. What happened, they put everybody in a big old barrel and everybody got to get them, and that's not fair. Alfred: Avery been here for almost 7 years in August and he pass the 6 months to be fired, so he won't be fired. Alfred: Let them know, that a CDL is required. Diane Olmos: In doing, what I had already done. Every city has everyone with certified CDL. Mike: The problem is that when we set new rules and that's just me. We make the motion to change the policy; it should be the secretary's business to put that in the policy manual or have the attorney. Roy: It should be faxed to the attorney and he will put it in there. Mike: It should have been kept up for years.

A motion was made by Mike Harris to keep all (3) three people and renew our policy with a second by Annie Jackson. The vote was unanimous and the motion was passed.

A motion was made by Annie Jackson to adjourn with a second by Mike Harris. The vote was unanimous and the motion passed.

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